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October 28, 2011

What would you say...??

If one day, there is someone come to you and ask you about this.. What would you say?

1) Why you are a Muslim?

2) Have you ever think to convert to other 
   religion? and why?

3) What is so special about Islam?

What would you say??


Nur Al-Amin said...

1) Because God send me you to ask such question
2) once? because i did not know muslim is awesome?
3) only people who know islam, know what the special to be one?

ijA said...

i am the choosen one, since my mother is chinese but after born take care by muslim family, automatically life as muslim..

ya..hahhaaa., since i did not understand more in deep about islam religion..islam is simple way top life..

every work, every what we done in our life relates to science and AL-QURAN....

this is my random answer...God (Ya ALLAH ) forgive me, show me the way to be a better muslim from yesterday..

NuR DiNaH said...

i would say...
1) i was born into it and i want it to be that way for the rest of my life.
2) no, because i feel Islam is wonderful and great!
3) Islam is a complete and perfect religion in every single thing.