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October 5, 2011

The cell, tissue and muscle..

1) why we are shivering when we feel cold?
= shivering is actually the action of the body muscle. The muscle contract in due to produce heat. It is part of the natural process of maintaining body temperature. Subhanallah..

2) why body surface of people that have low RBC (red blood cell) usually cold/chill?
= one of the main function of RBC is to transport oxygen in the blood. Blood gives oxygen, nutrients and other substances to the cells - When there is low oxygen, the cells also consume less oxygen for their metabolic reaction. Metabolic reaction of a cell produce ATP (energy) and heat. - so, when RBC is low - oxygen is less - metabolic reaction produce less energy and heat. Body tissue then receive only little of heat. That's why the body  surface is cold.

= to make it easier to understand. Try to touch the hand of different people. We may feel a different  temperature among them.

3) When  female deliver a baby, why they loss a lot of blood?
= it is because the tear of the tissue. Tissue have many layers and all the layers was tear off during the delivery. Ouch!! (please appreciate our mother). Do you know what it can be if we loss a lot of blood? and why? Try figure it out....

p/s : btl tak Dr. Husni and Dr. Nisaku? hehe~


Nur Al-Amin said...

ingatkan photoshop je y ada layer... hurm

NuR DiNaH said...

ehe..layer ni x blh ubah2 ye effect dia..

Nur Al-Amin said...

menakutkan, yet mengkagumkan... hebat betul