"LihatlAh DenGan Mata HaTi, Anda PasTi akAn MenGerti." InsyaAllah. * Life Is Preci0us! *


July 22, 2011


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful...

when Allah did'nt answer our prayer
we usually felt sad, angry and despair
why Allah did'nt answer my prayer?!
I have prayed with my deep emotion and soul!

it's ok, don't get worried
because there must be something
why Allah did'nt answer our prayer 
at the moment

Allah will answer it at the other moment
Allah will give a better answer to our prayer
our prayer and effort are not enough
we have done something wrong to Allah

To my dear friends and also to myself,

Have a strong faith in Allah. Always keep in touch with Him. Sometimes, not all of the plan and dream will work according to what we want it to be. We do plan, but Allah will do the decision. Eventhough we hardly accept what is destined, we must always be positive to Allah. Life is a journey. When there is a will, there must be a way. Work your will as long as you can.. But at the same time, work your du'a (prayer) too...



Nur Al-Amin said...

...dan pastilah, tiada siapa yang mampu menjadi pendengar setia melainkanNYA

hanizaki said...

tiada hari tanpa mengingatiNya..