"LihatlAh DenGan Mata HaTi, Anda PasTi akAn MenGerti." InsyaAllah. * Life Is Preci0us! *


September 30, 2010



i am sad
i am happy

i feel bored
i feel interested

 i love
i hate

i am sick
i am fine

i am out of mood
i am in mood

i am quiet
i am noisy

i am anger
i am cool

i cry
 i laugh

 i am good
 i am bad

i am astray
i am in track

i am satisfy
i am not

only s0metimes, n0t all the times
that's a life that we live

it can be mine
it can be yours
it can be ours

0nly s0metimes,not all the times..



Anonymous said...

DuniA iNi sesAt memButukan Jiwa

pastinya tak semua lahir sempurna...