"LihatlAh DenGan Mata HaTi, Anda PasTi akAn MenGerti." InsyaAllah. * Life Is Preci0us! *


August 14, 2018



Allah beri apa yg sesuai dgn kita, bukan apa yg kita nak.

June 22, 2018

Dear me,

It's been a while. The last post is in 2015. Life is full of surprises.. lets live to the fullest. There are many things happen in the past few years. Just keep on moving and enjoy while you can. Follow your dream and do what you want. Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone has its own path and surely it is different! Me? I guess i choose the road less taken which is less hassle and less bumpy.. lets travel the world!

Salam 7 syawal 1439H.