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January 4, 2012

" theory without practical is a waste, practical without theory is danger! "

okayyyyy..... (-,-')


HotCoCo said...

that mostly differ todays institude that provide practical learning and theoritical one. the word is simple ~ who survive? cheater or worker?

NuR DiNaH said...

what does cheater means here? so,theory and practical must work in parallel lah. woahoo

HotCoCo said...

cheater mean, the person who incharge that doest use their power wiswly to other that labeled as worker. that is why people who work always be worker. - we all have skill, but doest use brain using it... think wisely my lad

NuR DiNaH said...

tak phm..

Nur Al-Amin said...

hurm ~ both theory and practical work togather (parallelly yes). but most of the people practic it in wrong way, and undestand it wrongly. but while we know wether one of it(practical or theory) we always miss the most main subject. "knowledge of SURVIVE", this is where we (and i-2b honest) lact about. yes we obviosly pass lots of test and assignment ~ but not in real life practical. knowledge where we will be put in to --- as worker!